Thursday, 27 February 2014

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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Seven Postcards from The Seventh Month

Hola! This month is very special! because I just graduated from Uni :)

And this month, July, I got seven postcards..

1. Russia

2. Nederlands 

3. Germany

4. France

5. Spain

6. Taiwan

7. Russia (again)

Three Postcards from June

1. Belarus

2. US

3. UK

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Five postcards from ANRI

as you can see below, I have 5 postcards from ANRI (Arsip Nasional Republik Indonesia). 
I havent been there yet, but my beloved classmate, @ekidewi, the future greatest Indonesian fiolog gave me this. :))

Traditional batik pattern created by KPAA Mangkunegara VI

A Letter from Sultan Ratu Ahmad Nadjamuddin (Palembang) to General Governor  Oost-Indie

Central town and bastion of Governor VOC at Batavia

1. Moh. Hatta : The 1st Indonesian Vice President 2. seal of VOC 

Swedish stamp

This is a Sweden stamp, I got this from Swedish friend. Looking forward to get more postcards from Sweden and all Nordic countries... 

anyone, interested?

ASEAN postcard

so, few weeks ago I attended an ASEAN cultural event. As souvenir they gave us  a postcard.

Flowers and the Upper Town

So here they are... another postcards from Belarus and Russia.